Community Service


We believe in standing by each other. Staying together as sisters and becoming the best we can be. We stand together and become the leaders of the world to encourage other women to speak their mind and stand by their beliefs. "Sisters" is not just a name, but the bond that keeps us connected. A friendship that embraces our differences and unique background.


Our sisters participate in various service events in the local community, for example helping at an animal shelter. We also host fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for our national philanthropy, CARE, as well as our local philanthropy.

Our sisters come from a diverse ethnic backgrounds and a wide range of unique backgrounds. We constantly hold a variety of culturally aware events. Most of our sisters are part of organizations and are well involved in cultural events. We are an Asian interest sorority, BUT NOT EXCLUSIVE. We believe in educating our community and our members about Pan-Asian culture.

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